Wednesday, 2 June, 2010

An awakening

An Idle mind is a devils workshop they say and over the past 8 months I have had a experience on these lines. But my devil is not evil at all. He is more like a relaxed devil who once liked to plot evil but is now tired of taking the effort –it does take a lot of effort to plot evil. He is chilled out laid back, happy go lucky PSU devil, who likes to while away his time watching TV, sleeping, taking hopelessly long walks and endlessly chat. Over the past few months I haven’t blogged a word and most of the credit goes to this off duty devil. Not like he doesn’t have the time or the resources, just that he lacks the motivation.
All of this would have been fine is he was at his final destination already. But for good, he is not. He has a long way to go which required him to wake up from his 24 hr-aftern00n-slumber-seista-fest. Getting out of the lazy mood and putting on your work shoes is like waking up KUMBHKARAN (

On 2nd June 2010, I resigned BHEL and the devil has to wake up now. The war bells are ringing and the peace time in a cozy PSU company is over. The devil- who is just a lazy genius- is realizing that 10 months of drinking tea, bunking afternoon, discussing pay revisions and office politics has rendered his abilities his useless. Its only now after quitting the comforts of assured salary does he realize that world is not so cozy after all. Only the fittest and the smartest will survive and though he was Good one day, he sucks at everything now. He has forgotten how it feels to see his carrier (me) rejoice as a led let up or code compiled without errors. How it felt to give a ppt and then be appreciated, how it felt to write a controversial blog and have a sinister fun is reading peoples mixed onions.
So he has NOW woken up to embark on a new journey and he is now as fearless as he was in those days. But getting back in shape-mentally- is not that easy, so he has started with his simple thingm the one thing that gave him the most joy…. His blog.


sumana said...

i like, and i agree.inspite of all the alarm (cell,clock,laptop), my devil is still lazing around..but dont worry harsh,caffeine inducing reality and u will wake right up.till then..snooze on!

Aneesh Arora said...

Hats of to you.

Taking a leap isn't easy. I can only imagine how hard it is once you have a stable salary so I took mine before I got a job.

You have displayed the ability to take fear out of the equation while taking a decision. I am sure you will do very well if you keep this up.

Good Luck.

gowri said...

lol now u have to go to " THE US" :P

Nitish Vashishtha said...

So this is it! The moment of reckoning, all i can assure you is that you will enjoy the pain you are about to endure, change keeps us alive, not just the monotonous heart beat. All the best for your future endeavors. Hope we can meet before you leave. Cheers!

Neha said...

Hey nice one buddy....

NIshaDoshi said...

bdw good tht u realiozed abt ur devil cum evil soon.. an hope to c u in shape an back with tht spirit f fightin..