Friday, 30 January, 2009

Sometimes it’s good to just listen…

As one more company played cruel jokes on the eager lads from my college it lead to an uproar among my hostel. Me and some of my friends tried to liberate our minds and souls with our usual source of attaining peace, the usual IB was there to our rescue. As the night set in and hostel became quieter, the decibels rising from rav’s room grew more and more intense. Almost everything was discussed from jobs to recessions and from girl friends to family and even the fate of India was being decided in a 10 by 15 room filled in smoke and mist.
I sat there taking in as much as I can, listening to various view points. We had the constant commentary of bihari, the sudden uproars of rav, the exceedingly surprising yet witty remarks by eNVy, the random theories by dot as to how he will die at age of forty40. Amidst as this commotion and meeting of great mind I (budhha) was there sinking in all the info, presumably trying to analyze what was going on. Trying to figure out what people really were trying to say. How much of the sound was because of booze and how much was from the hearts.
I didn’t reach any conclusion. I don’t think I wanted to reach to one. But sometimes it feels right to just listen. You can always find a pedestal to stand on and speaks but you will never get a bunch a people who are speaking their guts out with complete honesty and yes with some prejudice of their own. My lack of participation was taken by rejection by some. But rest assured I had a good time listening.
I owe it to em !!!

Tuesday, 6 January, 2009

PS mates speak

Anjana Speaks

The word PSII filled me with hope, anxiety and frustration. Hope because it instilled a new responsibility making me feel all important. Anxiety in anticipating the kind of projects and work environment. And finally frustration, because it reminded me the painful truth that I was in my final year of utopia, and it is time for me to think about some remote term named future.

I eagerly bored my eyes into the allotment list to identify my PS mates. This is a customary ritual at college, since people have to spend the next six months with the ‘allotted ones’. To my distress I saw two names staring back at me which indicated that both were guys. So my whole plan of getting roomies was doomed. Little did I know then that the next six months would be one of the best times of my life.

I already knew one of them since he had been my workshop lab mate. But I was totally clueless about the other. I was in for a surprise as Sid bloke was a combo of fun + sarcasm + fundooness + mischief. Then again there is always this reticent period when you try to guess the wavelength of the other person. And it was indeed a weird and wonderful familiarity to find out that bloke matched mine as well as RKP’s (the other guy) wavelength.

So there we were just the three of us left to the mercy of our mentors, HR and Prof .It was this familiar mood of getting accustomed to the alien world (work environment) that brought us three closer. Sid bloke was the blabber mouth among the three of us. He used to drone on and on hence there was never this dull moment throughout the PS.

And I have to make a special mention about Sid bloke’s sarcasm which always reminds me of Chandler (And he looks the part too- all chubby and adorable). After this comment Sid must be in seventh heaven so I kindly ask him to step down to earth. And then again he always has you rolling with laughter with his antics.

I would be totally failing in my duty if I forgot to mention his Philosophies of life. You just Name it and bloke will already have a philosophy ready in his mind regarding that. And one word of warning, he is totally contagious in this issue and soon you can find yourself trying to conjure up a philosophy for everything in life

I have had some great times at my PS. The most memorable experience was the one on my treat at Brigade Road. I still wish it could have lasted forever. So this is an ode to the places where we have had the greatest enjoyment, ‘ The Parking lot’, ‘Dominoes’, ‘Sweet Chariot’, ‘Millers Road’, ‘Infinity tea where we almost had tea’, ‘CCD’, ‘Indian Coffee house’ and the list goes on. And most of all I miss my PS mates. A special thanks to PS for giving me two wonderful friends.

Best friends are the siblings that God forgot to give us

Soon to be appended is RKP Speaks