Wednesday, 27 June, 2007

confusing simple things can screw u up

denial and hope r 2 words which all of us know
very recent events in my life has made me realize the difference between the two.
the thing is, i used think that they r two different words and mean different things and they do too,
but i confused one for the other.

no point is discussing mistakes . just that things aren't meant to be sometimes.

wat i am trying to say that until recently i was hoping to get the cold engine running again (hope).

wat i didnt want to acknowledge is that that the engine is missing (denial).

but thanks to some blunt messages , the denial is now acceptance and peace is restored along the maharashtra-goa border .

2 most of the ppl who type in the url tab wont understand a word, well it it ain't for them, its for the ppl who will probably never type this url.