Saturday, 13 June, 2009

Expectations... Observations and Disappointment

Sounds like yet another preachy and depressing post from bloke, yeah will it is to some extent but this one too has some figment of reality, personal experience and a word of advice as always...

Change in life is an omnipresent. We move one from one stage of life to another, from school to college, then job and may be even a family later. Every time we leave a stage and enter another, we expect certain things. There is an air of positive anticipation, a ray of hope screaming out loud that things will get better now. Probably the things which were flawed in the previous era will be rectified now and there will be a new beginning to things. Well no one really said this to you , or did they ? It's all in the mind, our tiny little gray cells playing games with us, showing us things that comfort us, make us wanna move ahead and not cling on to the past if it all it was flawless enough to hold on too. I fully justify what the gray cells are doing here, the preconceived notions put in our brains to make us wanna go ahead in life, obviously it is the right things to be done, but as always, there is a catch to it...

What our tiny little gray chaps fail to conceive is that when they fill our heads with positive expectation about the future.. they also create a ticking time bomb, every ready to explode , God(just an expression, I am an Atheist) forbid the expectation are not met. Please do not judge me here. I am not a pessimistic asking you to expect the worse of the outcomes. As it is said " Hope for the best and be ready for the worst." All I am saying is that be prepared for the worst of the outcome so that if you ever have to face one, you don't end up being ruined.

For example, many of us are gonna soon join the professional world with huge pay packages, some of us are doing start-ups, and some going for higher studies in India as well as abroad. We all have some expectations, some probably think that a glamorous world awaits them. I hope it does for them. I am strongly believe that there is nothing a place or an institution has to offer to an individual. But it's the individuals caliber which takes em to the top. So have unreal expectations from some place is just unjustified and unfair. What applies to material and professional domain also applies to other aspects of life.

Some people might call this line of thought as mediocre. Thought process of someone not bold enough to think big, well I believe otherwise.

That concludes another lesson I learnt in life.