Sunday, 11 July, 2010

A Drag race called love…

I am not writing this out of years of experience or after thin slicing many relationships. This post is along the lines of drawing analogies between technology and the human mind. I have always seen love as a drag race without a finish line. You have a can full of nitrous which you can use at will, but you can use it only once. You have one shot, you give it all and that’s all there is to it… naah I sound too depressing now. Wait lemme not get personal and still try to convey the idea here. We are of course taking about the older versions of NFS where you had limited nitrous.

Yes… So getting back to the point. A child grows up and becomes an adult and slowly one tries to understands how behavioral transactions work. It’s a plain barter u know. Give and take, quid pro quo Clarees. More often than not the naïve junta has no clue of how much to give and how much to take. So as soon as they find a certain someone to share, they let go of the entire nitrous without holding back. Such transaction can vary from all night phone calls to ‘I will take a bullet to my heart for you, my love’ type dialogues. The forms may change but the idea remains the same. And as cliché as it may sound the sad part remains that each of these transactions is special, honest and unique just like every other one. So though the words and simple actions of stupidity may seem completely obscure to a stranger they are of utmost value to the two parties involved.

But as GnR as has stated that ‘Nothing lasts forever not even cold November rain’ not all dealings last. People drift apart, sometimes even wishing to never see each other again. But all that remains are the transactions, the numerous occasions of give and take of sweet nothings which in spite of their complete insanity makes complete sense to the two traders now drifted apart. And these transactions are what I have come to understand as the true nature of love. The people involved have changed and so have the circumstances. The log books are still there - there is no more trade and no lust for more transactions.
All of this would have been fine if it was the last chapter in the book, but it’s not. Life often brings us to new junctions where one could have used some more nitrous. But they already spent all that they had in one race. And all that remains is an empty can.