Wednesday, 29 October, 2008

"sirf vicharon ki ladai hai yeh..."

"sirf vicharon ki ladai hai yeh..."
-some panditji

People who know me also know that I am a person who avoids fighting be it verbal or physical. I will make my point once or at max twice and if the opposing party is not convinced then generally the argument is stopped there as I easily back off without much resistance. I have always been this way. I always believed that speak where your words mean something, I know that I if at all I try to make a point it will be correct and precise. So no point giving my worthy advice to a bunch of nut-jobs.

Contrary to whatever I sincerely believed recently I have been doing a lot of fighting. Many a times I was provoked into saying things which are never meant to be said to your near and dear ones. No matter what kinda relation you share with a person, it may be friendship or love or a family tie one things always holds true. It only take one slip of tongue to ruin it all.

"Words are like bullets.."
- some midget from South Park

We all have to admit that the chemical factory upstairs i.e. our BRAIN, does churn out a lot of ugly thoughts specially when your are in a fight with someone, but then usually the logical part of the brain takes over and prevents you from saying those ugly things. One keeps his cool, calms down and then realizes what damage could have been done if that self control had not acted at the right moment. Then again things don't always go as planned.
I have said things to my parents, my friends, my love and some dear ones which I am not proud of. Whenever possible I try and go back to them, apologize for it , sit down with them and talk it over. Try and explain what provoked me into saying such a thing. But then again there are times when its better to leave things the way they are, for the simple reason that I am afraid that when I sit down to talk I might screw up things further.

All I am trying to say is that words are very powerful and it takes skill and courage to deal with them. Be careful next time when your are in rage.
You might say something you wish you hadn't said.

Sunday, 26 October, 2008

Their disks don' fall, they crash around me.

Recently I had given my laptop for a complete make over at the local Sony Vaio Service Center. As a prerequisite for the repair I had to back-up all the data on my external hard-drive, which is pretty old and which I knew might give up any day.

The back-up essentially contained all the info on my academic projects from second and third year at BITS, some of my favorite movies, e-books, music and most prized possessions of all my pics from first, second and third year. Semester 3-2 has been a particularly wonderful semester at BITS. There were a lot of memories attached to those special times which were dear to me and it hurt to see them all disappear as my hard-disk crashed all of a sudden. If only I had created a back-up before hand.
But then again looking at the bright side of things (I blatantly call my self an OPTIMIST you know), now that I do not have those pictures I will not end up browsing through those pics and feeling low about what I have lost. Memories are what we all hold on too during tough times and when these little droplets of joy are taken away, one tends to feel helpless and all alone.
Then again you can think of it as a chance to to move on, make new memories and grow stronger in life getting more and more trained. After all it was just another lab session with the trainer kit. :D

Wednesday, 22 October, 2008

Trainer Kit (not the ones found in the lab)

We often seem to judge other people and compare our situations with them.
" Look at that care free bugger, free lad he is. not a care in the world for him."
Such comments are genreally accompanied by lack of empathy as well as information.

If we have things our way so easy in life there would be nothing to look forward to, Since there will be no challenges, there will be no character building if everything we desire is served to us on a platter. This is not not about achiving certain goals in life or being successful (Society has laid certain standards u know).

Sometimes we face situations which wish we didn't have to face. We tend to ask questions like " why me? wtf did i do ...?"
But the important point to realise is that all of us will be laden with difficulties sooner or later in life, some of there problems will be beyond our problem solving capacity. It's then that your true character will be put to test. In such a situation one can panic and curse OR one can hold ones cool, stay put and continue doing what one feels is right.

That's why I said trainer kit, small issues in life prepare you for the bigger ones which are inevitible. So instead of runnung away, one has to dive into it and continue doing the right thing.

Sunday, 19 October, 2008

New places and new people

As a part of training program at BITS I have been in Bangalore for the last 3-4 months. Leave aside the pains one has to take to settle down in a new city, there a lot of things I have learnt from this Internship. Unlike many of my fellow BITSians I am not going to brag about some sexy-cool project I am doing here, because honestly I am doing none.

It's more about meeting new people and making friends in a new city. When one thinks of Bangalore, the first thing that come to your mind is the Electronic City, the big offices and the IT jobs, the branded shops and the traffic Jams. Well to me Bangalore is more about some people I have befriended here during my course of stay. Some old friends were re-discovered on a different plane and some new ones too.

I am the kidna person who doesn't hesitate to start a conversations at a coffee table with strangers. I have been doing this and have meet countless people, some of them who I still keep in touch with. Sometimes it was an HP professional or an INFY fresher and some person working for a reputed BPO. They all have had a tone which says " welcome to bangalore, feel at home".

All these folks have shared there view on the city and also given plenty of valvuable suggestions on how to survive the fast pace of city.

All I have to say to people is :WELCOME TO BANGALORE AND FEEL AT HOME !!!