Sunday, 8 March, 2009

A blessing in disguise

It was India's cricket match going on. Just another regular evening in the common room hanging out with friends. But there was a certain degree of anxiety brewing in me about the HP results. Since my final HR round of the HP interview was perfect specimen of a typical interview blunder I was a bit apprehensive that the results might disappoint me and walla !!! they did.

I was sad then but when I look back it now I cannot thank HP enough for rejecting my application. Thanks to HP's rejection I was eligible to sit for other companies i.e. for BHEL in this case and I got in. All my friends who ask me for a party for cracking BHEL. I tell them, " I will give you two and not just one party,one for making it to BHEL and second for getting rejected from HP.

Universe works in mysterious ways.