Monday, 22 December, 2008

Only time will tell

A lot has been happening in my life recently, as funny as it may sound the market crash has affected by my acads, professional life, my love life and my overall peace of mind.
There was a well laid path before me one year back from now:
1. do this
2. then do that
3. then you will get this
4. you will be happy with it.

But suddenly everything seems hay-wire now. Point one itself is not certain, leave aside the other three. Have been wrecking my head a lot over all these issues since last few days and finally realized that there is very little I can do to change things. In fact there is very little anyone can do at this point of time. Time aaahhh... thats the key thing here. Only time can change things, as it will pass on slowly things should fall back in place. May be I will have a better plan, a new improved deluxe version. Like how the Christmas offers are always better the diwali offers.
But as depressing as it may sound, there is no certainty now and all i can do is wait it out and try and keep my sanity intact till then.


just another trainer kit, this one checks your patience and faith in fate :D